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GreenMail 1.4 finally here

The long overdue GreenMail 1.4.0 release brings many improvements and bugfixes.

Most notable changes include:
  • GreenMail requires JDK 1.6+ now
  • Alternative deployments include WAR and Spring support
  • New IMAP search (flags only, for now) support
  • New IMAP quota support
  • New IMAP fetch for nested body parts
  • New IMAP user flags and RECENT support
  • Customizable SSL keystore support
  • Easier JUnit test setup with GreenMailRule
  • Improved debug logging of IMAP/POP3/SMTP protocols
  • Updated dependencies, such as JavaMail 1.5.2
  • Project migrated from SF to GitHub
  • Many, many bugfixes
For further info, see the greenmail release notes on github
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Exporting and Importing CSV files to Heroku postgresql

Some quick commands to export some rows from a local database and import them to heroku


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Spot the spelling mistake for this lake

A number of signs placed by local Massachusetts authorities incorrectly said Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaoggagoggchaubunaguhgamaugg...while the correct spelling is Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

Maybe they should be using Amazon's naming conventions: LAKE C45G

Wikipedia Entry

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Pox Pay - PayPal X Innovate Challenge

PayPal is currently holding a developer contest. I've an entry. Anyone (developers or not) can vote for the best app. At stake is $100,000 USD. My entry is using voice biometric technology to authorize payments using PayPal's pre-approval API's. There is no password or pin involved. This 2-min youtube video below explains how it works.

If you like my app, I humbly ask for your vote! Voting ends on March 6th 2010

To vote, goto
(this is a PayPal owned site) Search for "PoxPay"
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Turn your roomba into a walking google bot

The Gåågle Bot - AJAX Robot #2

When my latest son was born I got a little worried since he didn't look at all like me. I decided I needed a discrete device to spy on my wife while I was at work. I started hacking my roomba and made a GåågleBot (pronounced /google-bot/). GåågleBot is a "home crawler" consisting of a vacuum roomba with an on board webserver and camera. While the vacuum goes about its business, it extracts text from the images it takes. The text is later put in a database on the roomba and searchable through a web interface. This was a good pretext for my wife. I, of course, also added the ability to remote control the roomba using AJAX...for spying purposes...hehe.
I created a dedicated site for the little fellow for fun with showcase app.

This is the next version of My AJAX Lego Robot. I'm working on yet another version of my AJAX Remote Controlled thingies...stay tuned.
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