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The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google - Day 18 of 24

Geography Challenge 3

After finishing the puzzle the following question appears.

"Leonardo's reverse-handwriting manuscript on perpetual motion wheels can be found in this city. What is its name? (For another clue, Hyde in the north.)"

I tried one wrong answer after guessing that "Hyde" probably is referring to Hyde Park in London.

The next step is to find four hydden blades in the image. See below.

The last step was little bit tricky. You've to answer the following question "You have found all four Blades, and lo! They draw an X over a place just slightly north of the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of Leonardo's Codex Forster. What is its name?"

There could be quite a few things slightly north depending on how you define slightly and even with the most narrow definition, there is surely still quite a few things. Anyways, to find it I did simply a trial and error thing and I got lucky early on. First attempt was to go to London on google maps (satellite view) and search for "Leonardo". No results slightly north of the museum. Another search for "Vinci" also return no hits in proximity. I switched over to the map view and simply tried to see if there was something mentioned on the map in north proximity to the museum. Slightly north west "Imperial College" was the first thing I found.

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