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The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google - Day 24 of 24

Observation Challenge 4

Last day! The 10,000 first submitters win a cryptex, so it was only natural things were stressful! I found and entered all the answers very quickly. Ironically, Google's ANTI-DOS system kicked in while registering and I had to verify I was human with a CAPTCHA (see image below) which perhaps took important time away. I was fast but surely not that fast! Anyhows, it was all fun and here are the questions I got, finishing them in about 2 min.


  1. "Knowledge is a source of power, and books are a fountainhead of knowledge that Sophie's grandfather shared with her. How many books are shown in the flashback where they are reading together?" 2 (Actually found by trial and error, faster that way)
  2. "Langdon asks Sophie is she has heard certain words before. To what words is he referring?" SO DARK THE CON of MAN
  3. "The answer to the last question is an anagram. Please rearrange the letters to reveal a famous work of art by Leonardo that is housed in the Louvre in Paris and in the National Gallery in London" Madonna of the Rocks (trivial if you've read the book)
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