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RXTX on Gumstix

so binaries

Since it could be tricky to get the RXTX sources compiling properly for the gumstix platforms I thought I'd spare anyone the pain by providing my binaries.

However, since you're here, I would advise against using java on the gum. Sure, the programs themselves are a breeze to develop, but getting jam and classpath to compile and run properly can very well take a considerable amount of time. Just think of the reason why you are reading this. Chances are you probably have troubles getting the RXTX sources to compile or run smoothly. Just do yourself a favor, write it in small fast c/c++ or something.
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Re: RXTX on Gumstix

Hey, I'm about to run a SunSPOT on an gumstix. Suns SDK for SunSPOT makes use of rxtx. Do you know anything about this exception? -run-spotclient-once: [java] SPOT Client starting... [java] Interrupted system call in readArray [java] at Method) [java] at$ [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at

Re: RXTX on Gumstix

Hi, I just would like to know if your RXTX libraries have been compiled with uclibc or glibc ? Thanks

Re: RXTX on Gumstix


Re: RXTX on Gumstix

at Method) I have a this error, if anynone knows solution please tell me?

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