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GreenMail v1.3 Released

The Birth of Mr GreenMail JBoss Service

This release contains minor changes to GreenMail core, most notable the introduction of slf4j for logging.

New in this release is a JBoss service for GreenMail. The service runs GreenMail as a lightweight mail server sandbox, nicely suited for developers.

Check out the project page for the latest documentation!

Note about the released files (goto download page):

  • greenmail-1.3-bundle.jar : mvn upload bundle
  • greenmail-1.3.jar : contains all greenmail core classes
  • : contains sources, javadoc, required libs, docs
  • : like above, but no sources
  • greenmail-jboss-service-1.3.sar : deployable JBoss service archive


  • Added logging via slf4j, replacing System.out.println
  • Minor improvements:
    • c.i.g.AbstractServer exposes ServerSetup
    • c.i.g.util.GreenMailUtil exposes sendTextEmail(...)
  • New JBoss service wrapper (see the project page)

Marcel May added the JBoss service and contributed the logging changes. Thanks!

Upcoming changes:
For 1.4 we plan to replace the current Foedus smtp and pop implementation with

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Re: GreenMail v1.3 Released

Hi, i've download your jar. It's very good for testing imap, but i have a question. Why in FetchCommand$FetchCommandParser.fetchRequest you wait wor "(" in request. Some clients sen fetch command as "FETCH 1 BODY.PEEK[TEXT]" without any brackets.

Re: GreenMail v1.3 Released

How can i delete the contents of the user's mailbox?

Re: GreenMail v1.3 Released

Hiya! Today we tried out greenmail and so far it has worked great. We wanted to write functional tests for our Spring 4 based web-service that needs to send emails to users and Greenmail fitted the bill perfectly. Many thanks to you and all the project contributors for your hard work on it.

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