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GreenMail 1.4 finally here

The long overdue GreenMail 1.4.0 release brings many improvements and bugfixes.

Most notable changes include:
  • GreenMail requires JDK 1.6+ now
  • Alternative deployments include WAR and Spring support
  • New IMAP search (flags only, for now) support
  • New IMAP quota support
  • New IMAP fetch for nested body parts
  • New IMAP user flags and RECENT support
  • Customizable SSL keystore support
  • Easier JUnit test setup with GreenMailRule
  • Improved debug logging of IMAP/POP3/SMTP protocols
  • Updated dependencies, such as JavaMail 1.5.2
  • Project migrated from SF to GitHub
  • Many, many bugfixes
For further info, see the greenmail release notes on github
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