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Turn your roomba into a walking google bot
When my latest son was born I got a little worried since he didn't look at all like me. I decided I needed a discrete device to spy on my wife while I was at work. I started hacking my roomba and made a GåågleBot (pronounced /google-bot/). G...
Mar 1, 2010
AJAX Remote Controlled Lego Robot
This article shows how to remote control a real world lego robot using AJAX technology.
Jul 13, 2006
Installing ZyXEL G-360 Wireless 802.11g+ on Fedora Core 4
Instructions are based and extended on the instruction found on http://acx100.source...
Jan 16, 2006
Melting Memory
Ever purchased brand new memory for your desktop, plugged it into your computer and turn it on, only to find a burning smell?
Sep 29, 2005
Problem with laptop overheating
I've been working on a big c++ code base that takes around 40 minutes to compile on my 2.4GHz Toshiba Laptop. Recently my machine shut itself down well 20-30 minutes into the compilation. I immediately suspected mice...dust mice.
Sep 28, 2005

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