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Running Jetty as Non Root
I'm kicking the tires of Jetty and am in the process of setting it up on a production machine and found that the latest Jetty realeas (6.1.14) has a really easy way to start jetty out running as root and later switch to a uid of your choice which enabl...
Jan 20, 2009
Virtualbox Port Forwarding Problems
I've recently started using VirtualBox and find it really good. However, I was setting up port forwarding with NAT according to the documentation and must have made a mistake since I got the following error while restarting the virtual machine Failed...
Nov 30, 2008
RXTX on Gumstix
Since it could be tricky to get the RXTX sources compiling properly for the gumstix platforms I thought I'd spare anyone the pain by providing my binaries. librxtxSerial_PXA255...
Aug 24, 2007
How to move a subversion repository to another server
My closet server died last night. No big deal it was over ten years old and was running at 233MHz...besides it was my wife's old computer hehe. My friend Imran gave me one of his old work machines and I've been moving stuff over. Since I had a svn repo...
Mar 6, 2007
AJAX Remote Controlled Lego Robot
This article shows how to remote control a real world lego robot using AJAX technology.
Jul 13, 2006
Installing ZyXEL G-360 Wireless 802.11g+ on Fedora Core 4
Instructions are based and extended on the instruction found on http://acx100.source...
Jan 16, 2006
Installing Tomcat with commons-daemon (jsvc)
Most installation that I've seen of Tomcat is made with tomcat running as root. This could potentially be a disasters security hole. Most Linux systems only allow the root to listen to port 80...which is why many users of tomcat under Linux run tomcat ...
Dec 13, 2005
Automatic SSH/SCP Login without Password
generate on your LOCAL machine a keypair with: ssh-keygen -t rsa (dont type in any password, just keep hitting enter) make sure your private key resides under ~/.ssh (under windows this can be under c:\documents and settings\yourname\.s...
Jun 6, 2005

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