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Turn your roomba into a walking google bot
When my latest son was born I got a little worried since he didn't look at all like me. I decided I needed a discrete device to spy on my wife while I was at work. I started hacking my roomba and made a GåågleBot (pronounced /google-bot/). G...
Mar 1, 2010
Running Jetty as Non Root
I'm kicking the tires of Jetty and am in the process of setting it up on a production machine and found that the latest Jetty realeas (6.1.14) has a really easy way to start jetty out running as root and later switch to a uid of your choice which enabl...
Jan 20, 2009
Single Table Polymorphic Inheritance with ActiveRecords
Implementing a single table polymorphic inheritance in rails is dead easy. Simply do class Fruit or if you a migrating... class Fruit Now, all you have to do is to create your sub-classes class Fruit Don't forget to put Apple in a separate fi...
May 22, 2008
Internet Explorer 6 & 7 document.domain bug
Disclaimer: Im not sure this a bug discovery...couldn't find anything that resembled it after a couple of minutes of googling, or a super silly security restriction. I've been coding some javascript ajax code that inserts an iframe, and into the creat...
Oct 31, 2007
DisplayTag Paging
DisplayTag is a very versatile jsp tag library. It provides a whole lot for free. Paging, sorting, even / odd highlighting, grouping, exporting to PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, just to mention a few things it can do. I use it in pretty much every project. Ho...
Nov 7, 2006
W AJAX design pattern
This is a new design pattern which was independently discovered by me and Will Glass over the phone one day while discussing a painful loading time of around 7 seconds for a web application we were working on. Describing the problem The web app front b...
Jul 8, 2006
Javascript Atbash Decrypter/Encrypter
Simply type the text you want to decrypt or encrypt in the text box below. The decrypted/encrypted text will appear as you type. function atbash(str) { var ret = ''; for (i=0;i You must have a browser that supports javascript , or javascript is...
May 7, 2006
Using AJAX with CAPTCHA - AJAX Security Part 3 of 3
This article shows one way to use AJAX along with a series of images to create a secure CAPTCHA system. CAPTCHA is a way to tell humans and computers apart and is used all over the web, especially if you're signing up for new email accounts. For more ...
Dec 18, 2005
Installing Tomcat with commons-daemon (jsvc)
Most installation that I've seen of Tomcat is made with tomcat running as root. This could potentially be a disasters security hole. Most Linux systems only allow the root to listen to port 80...which is why many users of tomcat under Linux run tomcat ...
Dec 13, 2005
Using AJAX to deter Hackers - AJAX Security Part 2 of 3
This article shows how AJAX can be used to increase the security level of regular text password logins.
Sep 18, 2005
Using AJAX for Image Passwords - AJAX Security Part 1 of 3
Although not a novel idea to use mouse patterns as a way to boost security for login screens, this small proof of concept application displays how AJAX can be used to login to a site based on a unique mouse pattern that the user previously recorded.
Sep 18, 2005
Tom Riddle's Magical Diary Comes to Life with AJAX
Described is how to summon a magical diary to life. Inspired by the book 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and with the help of the secret incantation 'AJAX'.
Jun 5, 2005

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