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Virtualbox Port Forwarding Problems
I've recently started using VirtualBox and find it really good. However, I was setting up port forwarding with NAT according to the documentation and must have made a mistake since I got the following error while restarting the virtual machine Failed...
Nov 30, 2008
Internet Explorer 6 & 7 document.domain bug
Disclaimer: Im not sure this a bug discovery...couldn't find anything that resembled it after a couple of minutes of googling, or a super silly security restriction. I've been coding some javascript ajax code that inserts an iframe, and into the creat...
Oct 31, 2007
How to move a subversion repository to another server
My closet server died last night. No big deal it was over ten years old and was running at 233MHz...besides it was my wife's old computer hehe. My friend Imran gave me one of his old work machines and I've been moving stuff over. Since I had a svn repo...
Mar 6, 2007
Microsoft Word 2000 hangs after Installing Word 2003
A recent project I was working on required outputting Excel spreadsheets in the new Office 2003 SheetML format which required me to update my office version. Microsoft provides their Office 2003 suite free for a 60 day trial, so I went with that. Durin...
Jun 13, 2006
Browsing JAR and WAR files like ZIP files in Windows
In Windows XP you can browse ZIP files as if they were folders. To do the same with JAR (or WAR) files simple: Uninstall winzip if it's installed. In the Registry editor, copy the entire \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\...
Aug 4, 2005

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